concealer-best concealer for dark circles

Concealer-best concealer for dark circles

As a visual foundation shelter. Except the foundation is that a simple concealer is better than concealed, fit skin, makeup for longer. Everyone's face will have this kind of defect, the use of concealer can make your face to reproduce smooth and detailed. There are generally three types of concealer: liquid, paste and strips. Liquid concealer and cover bar was better, but the make-up technique should be efficient, because concealer cream less ability to cover, but fresh texture, but easier to create a natural look. Generally more solid, but not the same viscosity. You can according to their needs, or choose to use a large area for local products.



Before make-up, first of all we have to cover with the face of impurities before make-up. Professional makeup artist said: Concealer a makeup base, none Qiaolian flawless, it is impossible to perfect makeup. Today, on the market concealer of many products, people are buying more and more, the concealer has become a trend! If you have a perfect face, start here!
In terms of color, of course, with your choice of color products, the white color on the black eye concealer will be as a shade of gray, because if you cannot use the white color, the color yellow Asians use a little yellow Should be able to hide color, redness or dark circles.
I suggest you prepare a suite of the best two types of color concealer, their skin color, and a slightly stronger shallower facial motif. In addition, you should know the need to prepare a person's skin type or condition for two different moisture and silty texture products, if the silty texture of the product used, if dark circles, eye bags and other events occur, It is prone to fine lines or cracking of the plight, and therefore using a more moisturizing concealer, the oil texture makes these parts difficult to follow because on the contrary, acne, pimples and  other parts, it is necessary to use the mat concealer.

Many people fear the ability to cover enough, this concealer will be coated with a thick layer of powder makeup but makes it even more unpredictable. In fact, there is a difference in the foundation of the concealer and its high density, evenly with your fingers on some thin layer and carefully putting so long as enough.

Different skin symptoms have different methods of painting: cannot be applied directly to the eyes, other parts eyes, it should be applied gently on the skin, eyes and bags under the razor blade, and will make the situation look worse This means that these two skin colors and other parts of the site are the same, for acne, pimples or redness, etc., as long as attention to straight, a little bit of weight can play a role. Yes, the above can be applied.

Concealer can cover dark circles, red pimples and India, freckles, pigmentation and so on. In addition, you can also make the Tzone well painted, highlighted in the same CZONE, Zhexia cream around the eye becomes brighter, facial contours can concealer these, become more three-dimensional

Overall skin cover - duct type or liquid concealer!

Prepare for Ever: The skin or skin powerful concealer has a loss of focus to cover injuries!
Usage: Most liquid type concealer product density is also more varied, the colors are relatively thin, so it is very important, which is very easy to clean, you have to use small amount of pouring concealer foundation base or foundation Cream is also a good way to use!

Repair Skin Tone - Packed Concealer

Cleo Packed Correction: Blue, Purple, Beige Tricolor Cartridges Very Effective for Concealer to Cover Mint Interior, Color Correction or Shortcomings!

Usage: Blue, purple, as long as acne or a mint color with a small mole wipe up beige on it, for redness of cheeks or T area with dark circles. Packed inside because in a variety of colors, you can choose according to the color of your skin to use, but it can also do very well!

Cover Granule - Rod Concealer

Night in Paris Concealer: that solves skin problems, in which greasy oil-free, easy to apply mineral composition!

Usage: Rod Concealer is relatively dry, and therefore not suitable for applying directly by hand, so wipe the need to cover the site carefully, with a concealer brush pre-stained, along the back to adjust the low dose Better use a brush at the end, along with the skin texture and then gently wipe the hands!

Acquire cover, freckles, and spot - pen concealer

Concealer easy to apply Lang: Even if the fix is ​​not a scam, you can use it like a mole in such a small area, moreover, as a wide range of products such as freckles Can be used in, the effect is very good for makeup.

How to use: A pen concealer may not cover moles, freckles, spots and other defects to create, in order to make the site protruding fingers or gently pressing on parts of the border to cover a brush.

Mouth, Eye Wrinkles Cover - Brush Concealer

Shiny Lancome Concealer: You can use a very soft brush; even a very small part of it can be completely covered.

Best concealer for under eye dark circles

1.Lakme AbsoluteWhite Intense SPF 20 Concealer


2. Maybelline New York Fit Me Concealer


3. Ori-flame The ONE IlluSkin Concealer

4.Segolike 15 Colors Contour Blemish Dark Circle Cover       Foundation Concealer Kit

 5LA Girl HD Pro Conceal


6. Europe Girl Liquid Concealer


7. Miss Claire Makeup concealer jar


8. Avon Ideal Flawless Concealer


9. Bonjour Paris Concealer Pan Stick

10. Oshea Aprifine Apricot cream for under eye dark circles 

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