Skin Care

Skin Care

Cute face beauty requires smooth skin.The beautiful face is the god gift. nourish skin regularly in proper manner to have a softness and luster like a flower. As time go,many people lose their facial expressions of indifference. At a young age lose their natural beauty. They reduce their self-confidence. 

Important skincare habits:

1. Ingestion of cold.

2. The right kind of massage.

3. Equipment and cleanliness before use.

4. Don't use excess beauty products.

5. Proper cleaning after use of cosmetics.

6. Smile enhances the beauty of laughter.

Types of skin and how to identify it:

·     Normal skin. (Normal Skin)

·     Dry skin. (Dry Skin)

·     Oily skin. (Oily Skin)

·     Composite skin. (Combination Skin)

·     Sensitive skin. (Sensitive Skin

1. Common or normal skin:

Has softness and luster. The skin surface is slightly oily. You do not see any dryness and itching on this skin.

2. Dry skin:

The look is a little boozy and rigor. The skin is itchy or itchy. The skin is slightly abdominal. People with dry skin tend to be older.

3. Oily skin:

It is soft. Oily skin get sooner the acne more often, the stains will last longer. They have bran in their head. There are black and white dots.

4. Composite skin:

This type of skin can be seen at the age of 20-22. On the forehead there is oily skin and dry skin on the nose.

 Winter itching

Scratching and itching is a common problem in this summer, when winter is over and summer starts. Itching or irritation may be due to dry skin.
Itching, bleeding, skin tightening, heel breaks, and minor injuries are common problems.

Dry skin in winter can cause many problem. If your skin is more sensitive,it may be itchiness in your hands, feet and elbows after taking a bath.

The dryness of the skin does not increase. Itching increases as dryness increases. This is a kind of ring. To cut it off, you need to maintain the skin's moisture.

If blood present in urinary tract may have a risk of infection. These can lead to problems like geoma. Skin cells begin to die due to skin dehydration.

The skin may lose its tenderness even with the winter drizzle. Swimming in chlorine-rich water for a long time will dry out the skin.

Excessive intake of caffeine, alcohol, and soft drinks can also dry the skin.

Tips for skincare in winter

skincare in winter

·     One bath in winter is enough.

·     Excessive soap is not recommended for soft skin.

·     Pros use the most mild non-fragrance soaps.

·     Frequent oil baths.

·     Bath requires no excessive use of water.

·     Use a moisturizer to moisturize your skin after taking a bath.

·     This will help your skin stay moisture-free.

·     Reduce your intake of spicy foods and coffee.

·     Doctors advise that hot dry skin is not good for dry skin. Dry skin and itching is common in winter Therefore, moisturisers should be applied more often in the winter. 

·     Do not use a moisturizer only during this period, use sunscreen lotion.

·     The skin should be moisturized within three minutes of taking a bath.

·     It is also a good care to apply oil to the face.

·     Pay close attention to oil baths in the winter.Great for adults.

·     If you're not afraid of getting thick, use a fatty diet for the winter.

·    Use of moisturizer daily if working in the office.

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