General mental ability


Mental ability test signifies the complex process by which an individual assimilates facts and figures, reasons logicallly and quickly to arrive at a correct conclusion being able to take the right decisions at the right time and place is the hallmark of administrative jobs. Thus the individuals meanings such position should have these attributes in plenty.Mental ability tests are designed to test one's intellect in various areas-comprehension, memory, reasoning, analysis and judgment combined with degree of alertness and common sense.It is the ability to grasp relationship between ideas and between objects and to analyze and synthesis on the the basis of the given statements.

Mental  ability includes following aspect

  • Profit and loss

  •  Allegation

  • Simple and compound interest

  • Partnership

  • Time and work

  • Pipes and cisterns

  • Time and distance

  • Boats and streams 

  • Trains

  • Mensuration

  • Basic algebra

  • Sequence

  • Set theory

  • Geometry

  • Co-ordinate geometry

  • Permutation and Combination

  • Probability

  • Cube relation test

  • Dice relation test

  • Figure analysis test

  • Time and calender test





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