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Lip balm has become a product in cosmetics today, without which the preparation of a girl and a woman is not complete. There is hardly any woman who does not have lip balm in her bag. After all, why not, lip balm is so helpful in keeping their lips soft and soft.
The first benefit of applying lip balm is that it prevents your lips from bursting. By applying it, the lips remain beautiful and soft. There are many types of lip balm, some colorless and some that also work with lip balm, that is, there are different color shades. Whatever shade of lip, red and pink lip balm you choose, get that shade on your lips
Can. There are many lip balm with fragrance. In addition, lip balms protect your lips from the harmful rays of the sun.
Dis advantages of lip balm
If you like to apply lip balm and apply lip balm repeatedly to keep the lips soft, then be careful ... because it can cause lips like this.
To keep lips soft and soft, we start applying lip balm on them. But you will be surprised to know that lip balm that enhances the beauty of lips can actually cause major damage to lips.
Repeatedly applying lip balm makes lips worse. In fact, the chemical fragrance used in lip balm also damages the lips.
If lip balm contains menthol, it will cause even more damage. People who regularly apply lip balm have been found to have more lip smacking problems.

It has also been said in a study that although lip balm does not contain any ingredients with addition, it is habituated by repeated application.

Allergies to lip balm have also been seen in many cases. Actually, the chemical that is used in lip balm for fragrance can cause allergic reactions on the lips.
Best lip balm

1.   Lakme lip balm
2.   Himalaya lip balm
3.   Maybelline lip balm
4.   Nivea lip balm
5.   Biotique lip balm
6.   Irem pink lips
7.   Saint beared lip balm
8.   Lotus herbal lip balm
9.   Kaya clinic lip balm
10. Majestik Bloom Moisturizing balm
11. Khadi lip balm
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