COSMETICS - These 10 disgusting things are used in cosmetics

   COSMETICS- These 10 disgusting things are used in cosmetics

Usually everybody They only use any cosmetic material. Have you ever tried to find out what is used to make it?


No, then at least see what the cosmetic material you are taking is made of. Well, we are going to tell you today, about some things that are put into the lipstick, lotion or lip balm you use.

After reading this news, you may change your opinion about these cosmetics that claim to be beautiful.

Let's take a look at 10 disgusting items used in cosmetic goods.

1. Dynamite in deodorant. Dynamite is not directly used in any cosmetic, but an important component of it is used in deodorant.

 2. Snail juice in moisturizer. It is used in many famous moisturizers. Actually it is the dead cells coming out of the body of the snail, which he comes out in his defense.

3. Lipbalm, Shark Liver Oil in Sunscreen. Shark liver oil is used indiscriminately in cosmetic products such as lipbalm and sunscreen. Due to this shark hunting has also increased significantly.

5. Sheep Wool Wax in Shaving Cream. A substance called lanolin is used in shaving cream, which is extracted from the body of a sheep. It is used only because the skin of a person's cheek should be soft while shaving.

6. Whale residuals in expensive perfumes. The material released from the whale is yellow and hard, which is formed from its sperm. It protects the whale after swallowing a hard substance in its stomach. However, humans have started using it in expensive perfumes due to its different smell. It is commonly called 'gold of the sea' and the value of one pound of it is about 10 thousand dollars (about 5 lakh 15 thousand rupees).

7. Crushed insects in lipstick. This pest found on cactus plants in Central and South America is known as cochineal beetles. Female beetles eat red berries and when they are crushed, a dark red dye comes out of their stomachs. They have been used for centuries because they are safe for humans. They are used indiscriminately in lipstick, candy, ice cream and eye shadows.

8. Skin of fish in nail polish and mascara. It is believed that the wings of bats are used in mascara, but this is not actually the case. Fish shells are used in this, which gives a different kind of shine to these products.

9. Dead animal fats in lipstick, eye shadow and soap. Animal oils or fats are used in many items of soap and eye makeup. It is extracted from dead animals. For this, dead animals are collected from slaughter houses, shelters and zoos.

 10. Bull Semen in Hair Products the semen of a bull called hair Viagra is mixed with a plant called 'Katera' and applied to the hair. Mostly it is used to cure split and damaged hair.

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