Healthy eyes

    Healthy Eyes

Eyes are not just for looking. Everything is connected with eyes, heart, mind and body. Feelings of joy, sorrow, fear, wonder, doubt, etc., reflect eyes. Let's know how to take care of eyes.

Healthy eyes

Eyes are very soft, they should be protected from strong sunlight, dust - mud, smoke etc. Ultra violet rays in the sun cause great harm to the eyes. For this, wear good quality goggles.

Proper care is necessary for the good health of your eyes. Moisture, nutrition and regular exercise improves your eye health and eyesight. We have brought for you some tips to keep your eyes fresh and beautiful.

Tips to maintain eyes healthy and beautiful

·       For better eyes, foods rich in vitamin A and vitamin K should be taken. To maintain eyesight, eat fruits and vegetables daily to replenish vitamins and minerals.  Such as carrot, sweet potato, Kashifal Kaddu, mango, papaya etc.

·       Eyes should be washed four and five times a day with cold water.

·       Take some breaks while reading or working on the computer. Taking a short break of 5 minutes will relax the eye muscles. Sprinkle water in the eyes and turn them off for 5 minutes, then work.

·       Rotate your eyeball in circular form for 5 minutes and do exercises like blinking eyes repeatedly. Rub your hands in the morning and keep these hot hands on your eyes. These exercises will bring moisture back to the eyes and keep the eyes healthy.

·       Take 8 hours of sleep to keep away the dark circles from the eyes and swelling of the eyes. Lack of sleep not only makes the eyes red, but also reduces the look of the face. Both face and eyes remain fresh due to sleep.
·       Put cold cucumber pieces on the eyes to provide more moisture to the eyes. Cucumber is beneficial in removing dark circles and making red eyes beautiful and healthy like blood.

·       To keep the eyes healthy it is very important to provide them moisturizer. If you do not have cucumber, buy a moisturizing drop and apply it daily to the eyes.

·       Do not rub the eyes when it falls in the morning or something. If anything falls in the eyes, clean it by spraying water in the eyes instead of rubbing them. Rubbing can cause any loss of eyes.

·       When going out of the house, wear glasses, it will not darken and will not make eyes weak. One of the main precautions you can take for better eyes.

·       Blinking eyes should not be reduced otherwise dryness can cause irritation in eyes.

·       Honey is very good for the eyes. Applying pure honey paste twice a week keeps the eyes healthy. Or add a drop of honey to the eyes. Honey must be pure and clean.

·       Carrot juice is good for eyes. Must drink during the season.

·       If there are dark circles under the eyes, cucumber juice should be applied three to four times and cucumber should be eaten daily. The juice should not go into the eyes.

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